New Lyres

24th Nov 2020

Pentatonic lyre.

Scottish Beech one-piece body, birch ply front and back, bronze wound and plain steel strings, finished in Linseed Oil and Tru Oil, tuning key included. Design shape can also be as the celtic knot lyre below.

Taking orders now for next year, priced at £379 & postage, use contact page to be in touch. If you have any questions or requirements do ask.

Minor Pentatonic Scale

This oriental sounding scale allows the player to interact with the lyre in a completely different way. The 5 notes in the scale are all best friends with each other, in harmony with each other, which takes out the need to know which string to play next as any one will do. This can be tremendously freeing. Playing then becomes more about listening and feeling, rhythm and harmony, allowing the thinking mind to take a back seat. 
The minor pentatonic scale is also considered a blues scale and is popular with guitarists as an easy set of notes to improvise and solo with.

Nov 4th 2020

9 string lyre in Scottish Beech, 21 x 10 inches, steel strings in key of G, birch-ply front and back, zither pins, steel bridge, Celtic stencil in acrylic, finished with linseed oil, tuning key included.

Available to order.