New Lyres

10 String Pentatonic Therapeutic Lyre

Padded carrying case with zip

Pentatonic lyre, Scottish Beech one-piece body, birch ply front and back, bronze wound and plain steel strings, finished in Linseed Oil and Tru Oil, tuning key included.

Dec 3rd
Beautiful Grain – Celtic Warrior Lyre

Scottish Ash lyre in process of making, Celtic symbol design on arms, guitar tuners, 9 bronze wound strings.

Therapeutic Benefits of a Pentatonic Scale

This oriental sounding scale allows the player to interact with the lyre in a completely different way. The 5 notes in the scale are all best friends with each other, in harmony with each other.

This takes away the need to know which string to play next, as any one will sound great. This can be tremendously freeing. Playing then becomes more about listening and feeling, rhythm and harmony, allowing the thinking mind to take a back seat.

This has a therapeutic effect on the player as they are no longer constantly engaged with the mental process and creates relaxation. Thinking actually uses a lot of energy and can create tension, especially if one is trying very hard. Stroking the lyre strings and hearing lovely notes singing together brings a sense of inner harmony, builds confidence and a feeling of hope.