Latest Designs

Sycamore Celtic Tree Pentatonic Lyre SOLD

Scottish Sycamore 8 string with sunflower stencil design 43 X 20cm £250 SOLD

Sweet Chestnut solid body 10 string pentatonic lyre, guitar tuners, steel bridge, stunning grain £195 SOLD

10 String Pentatonic Lyre with Guitar Tuners – Scottish Sycamore and Birch-Ply, hardwood bridge, 5 bronze wound, 5 plain steel strings, Celtic stencil, £349 SOLD

10 String Pentatonic Therapeutic Lyre 10 string pentatonic tuning in C, 5 bronze wound, 5 plain steel strings
Scottish Beech main body, birch ply front and back boards, hardwood bridge, Celtic Knot in gold acrylic, 58 x 26cm – £369 SOLD

Padded custom fit case made in UK available in a choice of colours £49 – £70

Pentatonic lyre, Scottish Beech, birch ply front and back, bronze wound and plain steel strings, finished in Linseed Oil £349 SOLD