Welcome to the Moonharp page

First, tune the harp (using the tuning heads) to the E minor pentatonic scale:  low – hi  E G A B D E (6 string) or E G A B D (5 string) Below is an audio tuning guide for you. There are 3 plays of each note. Carefully play the string and bring the note up to the right pitch.

EGABDE tuning

The relaxing ‘no-brain’ approach to instrument playing

The moonharp can be laid flat on the lap or held upright with one hand. Using fingers or a plectrum to play the strings, try playing along with a backing track (below). Remember, any note is OK; the backing music is perfect for the E minor Pentatonic Scale, so all of the strings, whether played individually or in combinations, will be in harmony with the music.


Try playing the strings one at a time, starting at low E, in time with the music, then at different speeds.

Using thumb and middle finger, play two notes together i.e. in pairs: E&A  G&B  A&D  B&E

Create short ‘phrases’ and repeat them. Relax and see where the music takes your fingers!

Compositions to play along with:

Tranquil Sun  (Chords: Emin – Emin11 – Amin7 – Emin7 – B7 – Amin13, loop

1980 Dreaming (chords: Emin7 – Amin7 – Dmin7 –  Cmaj7, loop)


Get in touch and let me know how you get along.